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Directional Drilling, Auger Boring, Pipe-Ramming, Tunnel Boring, and more.  



For more than forty years, BTrenchless has continuously tackled some of the most demanding projects throughout the western United States. As an essential component of BT Construction, BTrenchless has emerged as a premier contractor in Colorado and Utah, particularly excelling in underground trenchless technologies. Our extensive roster of specialty crews, committed personnel, and cutting-edge equipment cements BTrenchless' position as a pioneering leader in the trenchless industry.
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    Auger Boring

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    Directional Drilling

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    Guided Boring

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    Hand Tunneling

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    Pipe Ramming

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    Tunnel Boring

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What We Offer

Across a spectrum ranging from basic substrates to intricate contaminated soils, BTrenchless consistently surpasses industry standards. Our trenchless crews possess specialized expertise in a broad array of methods, encompassing auger boring, guided boring, hand tunneling, pipe ramming, microtunneling, tunnel boring, pipe-bursting, sliplining, and horizontal directional drilling.

Directional Drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling has revolutionized the underground utility industry. BTrenchless uses horizontal drilling technology to better reach the targeted area as well as better preserving the environment.[...]


BTrenchless utilizes Auger Boring as an inexpensive installation method for suitable ground conditions and tolerances in a wide range of casing diameters[...]

Tunnel Boring & Microtunneling

BTrenchless boasts cutting-edge technology and a diverse range of elite machines, equipped with the latest information and designed to navigate through various soil types with utmost efficiency.[...]

Hammer & Pipe Ramming

Pipe Ramming is useful for pipe and casing installations under railways and roads in shallow depths, flowing sands, gravel or other areas where other methods may cause surface settling or heaving[...]
Experience That Counts

BTrenchless Knows the Industry

Apart from excelling in conventional pipeline installations, our trenchless division, BTrenchless, Inc., brings specialized proficiency in various trenchless technologies. These include Microtunneling (MTBM), Tunnel Boring (TBM), Auger Boring & Guided Boring (GBM), Pipe Ramming, Pipe Jacking, Pipe Bursting/Sliplining, Hand Mining, and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD).

Frequently Asked Questions

BTrenchless is a seasoned utility contractor that can do several types of infrastructure services. We specialize in trenchless installation methods and bring over 40 years of experience to the industry. Please see our FAQ to the right.

BTrenchless and HDD Willco are joining forces. We are very excited to welcome team HDD Willco to BTrenchless.

HEAD OFFICE: COLORADO: 9885 Emporia Street, Henderson, CO 80640 


NEW OFFICE: UTAH: 5621 West Wells Park Rd, West Jordan, UT 84081


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Colorado Office: (303)-469-0199
Utah Office: (801)-886-2111
Are the Same Services Still Available?
Yes! BTrenchless specializes in a diverse range of methods including auger boring, guided boring, hand tunneling, directional drilling, pipe-ramming, microtunneling, tunnel boring, and sliplining.

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